Sunday, July 22, 2012


I was thinking about the Colorado shooting today. It's in the news up here, along with a spate of gang-relateds in Scarberia. There was also a typical block party shooting- 2 dead, 23 wounded. Everyone's shocked and whatnot, screaming to ban handguns. I simply tell them...the law only applies to the law abiding. Can you call someone and buy pot or coke at the drop of a hat? Is that illegal? Were the bombs in that asshole's apartment illegal? It doesn't matter what's legal and what's not, crazy people will act crazy.

Like Scumfuck said, some people just want to watch the world burn.

I feel better with my pocketknife and pen, but really? I can't shoot back. And it sucks. I've got a rotten shoulder that acts up every time it rains. Am I gonna charge some asshole with an AR15, or bail? I think about the people in the theater, what their reactions might have been. Did some of them charge the asshole? Some of them took slugs for others, that's for sure. But still...I don't get the anti-gun mindset from a logical point of view. It isn't working for drugs, why would it work for guns?