Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nothing like it...

Had laser eye survey Friday, so I'll be brief. Today I had, for the first time since I left Turkey, Turkish coffee and baklava. A combination made in heaven, that. Say what you will- it's better than espresso. Yeah, yeah, you'rve had it here at Harbucks or whatever...but once you have it in a little sidestreet in Jerusalem, or at a cafe looking over the Hagia Sofia, then you can give a valid opinion, yeh?

I actually had to strongarm the owner of the local Lebanese restaurant to get some. But oh man...was it worth it. Actual Turkish coffee, with the pistachios, in a plastic beer cup. But it was awesome. Gave me something to do while I sit here and recover, not really being able to game or work out or watch TV or read.

Happy trails, yo.


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  1. You know who makes the best Baklava on the continent? Just be warned, I can only eat two pieces and I'm done.