Thursday, January 14, 2010

Drama for the loss.

So, personal drama aside, I'm talking about something that really pisses me off: my college is striking. The numbers I got were as follows:

76% voting attendance
57% overall support for the strike
67% at my college specifically supporting the strike

Thank you for fucking your students, who are largely young (and therefore unemployable in the current market, with more than a third of people my age unemployed last time I checked). And thank you for fucking the older students who have been downsized out of the current economy. Both those groups are relying on their teachers and education to ensure their careers don't begin and end with 'Would you like fries with that?', and you're using them as bargaining chips against a province that is already out of money. They have none more to give. They're 25 billion dollars in debt already. We're the fucking California of Canada.


Well, good news, blog people. At least I'll be able to post more.

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