Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And upon this rock...

Oh, yea, for the nineties were a bleak time for music. The CD was the dominant form of media, and after many years of wild successes, once-great musicians began to exploit their fans. For Metallica, the Great Betrayers, begat the art of the Filler CD. Musicians felt no need, no drive to create, for a few good songs would cause the masses to buy their exorbitantly priced CDs. For there was no other media which could compete, and no ability for consumers to pay for what they wished alone. Yea, they gnashed their teeth and cursed the music gods!

Then, from the depths of Server, from the womb of the Machine Mother, came Napster. The people, once restrained by the music industry monopolies, shattered their fetters. Persons could obtain digital versions of songs their owned, or from bands that freely offered them on the Great Network. Many, in a great and terrible wrath, began the theft of music from those who had sold them CDs of mostly filler.

But then, the Great Betrayers reared their heads and roared. They thrashed about, screaming of their monetary losses, their livelihoods. But instead of supporting the great Napster, securing a major market share in the greatest advent in music since the radio, they struck down the blessed Napster in an act of the greatest spite. They turned on their fans, bringing upon them the litigation!

And yea, that is how Metallica set back the music industry a decade, and gave unto the people the rage and ability to steal their music. For had their wrath been turned, had they embraced the future, who would have resisted?


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