Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 2, first impressions and such.

Alright, so the local media is all up ins this, so I have some pretty fancy links for you now:

Organizations in Attendance. Note the wide variety of groups, from hardcore Marxists to unions to environmentalists to lunatics like the Zeitgeist Movement. hell, even Palestinian support groups are out there for some reason.

Global News Interactive Map. Shows the downtown zone. Look at how close the Eaton's Center (one of the largest malls in Canada) is to the security zone. If anything happens, police will have to fight their way there. As well, note that the area in front of Provincial Legislature (Queen's Park) is a protest zone. Not bright, folks.

Watching the news, I'm getting the impression that a lot of the protesters are young, impressionable kids. All they know is G20 R BAD, and when the bike police ride past, they scream about a police state and intimidation . I'm going to refer everyone back to my post on the subject of protesters. However, after the Battle of Seattle and the riots during the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, I am concerned. We have a lot of angry people and a bunch of colossal strategic fuckups. I really hope the riot cavalry is ready.



  1. Please... point how the members or the ideas behind The Zeitgeist Movement are loony. I'll bet you likely know little to nothing about it, or you actually looked into and projected your own fears and misconceptions into it. Oh, and the description of the Zeitgeist movement on your link is just wrong... and in fact is also based on projected fears and misunderstandings.

  2. Well, the subversion of free will to machinery is a pretty big indication. Any time you give up your ethics and beliefs to a machine, that's kind of weird. Science, while generally badass, is not a substitute for leadership, ethics, or morals.

    As for 'projecting my fears', these people have nothing to do with spiders.