Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why the Ground Zero Mosque is a Bad Idea

How did anyone ever think this was a good idea? Seriously, I wonder about the soft heart (and headed) liberals some days. Let's go over this once again:

1) You are building a soft target in what some can arguably call an insulting place.

While everyone loves tolerance, I don't see a huge rush to put up a Serb embassy in Srebrenica. Or a statue of Stalin in Katyn. People are understandably upset about the murder of their loved ones. So, can someone please explain to me how putting up a symbol of the cause that butchered them next to the site of the massacre can be construed as anything but insulting or submissive?

2. You are building a soft target in a nest of very angry people.

As previously mentioned, this mosque is not only an affront to the memory of the people who died, but placed in the middle full of their friends and family. Do you really think that's a bright idea? Don't you get the concept that your parishioners and property will likely be subject to daily harassment and abuse?

3. You have made your mosque a very clear target for extremists.

Every Cletus, Jim Bob and Billy Bob Thorton in the continental US will want to see this mosque destroyed. It will be under constant threat. This may, of course, be what higher leadership wants, but the fact remains that peaceful Muslim Americans are still both civilians and Americans. Lack of sense aside, they deserve the same protections everyone else is afforded.

All in all, I oppose the mosque based on common sense- it'll be a punching bag for the city, will worsen relations between Muslims and New Yorkers, and quite frankly the downtown doesn't really need another crater.



  1. Well put Des, I oppose it on similar reasons. Negative utilitarianism says the least harm done to all is to not build it.

  2. Of course something bad will happen to it. I feel like that's why they want to put it there. To strain the relations between Muslims and the US, which will in turn create more terrorists, particularly young ones here in America.