Monday, April 4, 2011

A Pop Culture Moment

So, I was tooling across Youtube, and I saw this video:

Now, I kind of like Rise Against's sound. Their politics can eat my ass, but they are entitled to their opinions just like everyone else. They lionize 'revolutionaries', violent fanatics bent on a vague leftist uprising. And they paint them as the young, the everyday. The tattooed hot girl who usually serves you coffee at Starbucks is brewing and packing pipebombs. The douchebag with the funny hat who you see at HMV is putting bombs into backpacks. Everyday people rising up against...what?

They lionize revolutionaries of every stripe, but they omit the important parts.

They omit that a lot of them get caught, and instead of being working-class heroes, they die with a pistol screwed into the base of their skull in an alley.

They omit the interrogations. The late nights. The constant fear.

And for what? Vaguely anti-Bush, pro PETA, and globalization ideals? They make heroes out of the people who busted up my Goddamn downtown last year, and burnt up my Goddamn tax dollars by the barrel and the bowlful with frivolous lawsuits against the police. I really hope that these kids grow out of the Che-worshipping asshattery someday soon. This protester culture fad has got to die.


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  1. They are products of a dumbed down education system like in the UK. Instilled with a sense of shame that is hard to place but they feel revolting against everything is a way to combat it. Their lack of intelligence means they rarely question the ideology they find themselves attached to and are easily manipulated by Trots and Union thugs.
    Some are angry for oddly similar reasons you and I are angry but they miss a few steps on the road and end up in a totally crazy place which is ruled by dreams of the dictatorship of the proletariat.