Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And now what?

Well. I've been punting my resume all over, but it's like dropping it into a black hole. So I'm working out now, more than just the odd jog. I mean, I might as well get healthy, right? So I've been talking to folks, and I've gone over to the dark side.


No, not the illegal kind. A monster multivitamin laced with MSM and glucosamine for my joints, mostly. Like always, I'm using science to help me along. My main goal right now is to lose little baby Johnnie Walker. Yeah, I've got enough gut to warrant a name for it. And, when you think about it, all that shit around my middle is what, 30 pounds? More? That's like wearing a full-to-the-tits battle rattle everywhere. No wonder I'm so slack. So I'm chipping away at it with two runs a day and swimming every other day. I figure, might as well do something constructive with my time right now.


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