Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Role Models

This man is brilliant. Period. You know what? I think that in addition to lack of cause, kids these days simply don't have role models. Who do they look up to? Is it Fitty, or Doc Tyson? Is it Weezy, or Rodger Young? You got no cause, you got no role models, you got a life as a cog in a corporate machine to look forwards to...well, why am I not surprised then that young people look to protest leaders and Greenpeace idiots for leadership? It's not like there's a ton of people presented to them. Ask a high school student if there's bee any Medal of Honour winners in the last ten years, and odds are the question you get back is "What's a Medal of Honour?"

Shit in, shit out.


PS- Oi! You! Get back to work on Last Call, Last Stand! It's the best thing I've read since Neuromancer!


  1. The way our culture chooses idols to revere is sad. Fame and success are the only criteria, and our inborn spirit of rebellion is neatly packaged, trademarked and sold for 49.99 at Hot Topic. God help us all.

    Hope you like the new chapter ;)

  2. He said Isaac Newton at the same time as I did. That is evidence he is not only smart but has good judgment.