Friday, February 26, 2010

Children of Men, and Liberia

I was talking Sigboy, and I brought up Children of Men. He hadn't seen it. Fair enough- it's a bit obscure. I showed him the trailer, and I said to him:

"This is how I see the world in twenty years. Maybe not the infertility thing, maybe not Britain Stands Alone, but the world moving on. The world looking polluted, filthy and bleak."

It's a great flick, even with the ridiculous political subtexts. And it's not hard to see the world headed that way, either: the setting is two parts East Germany, one part Israel during the Intifada. Broad economic depression, despair, radicalization. Police brutality the norm, pollution out of control, terrorist acts a fact of life. Endless bureaucracy and random violence.

And then I came on this gem:

Most definitely not safe for work. It's an eight part documentary on Liberia. Some people view it as a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It's not. It's hell on earth. I have to wonder...what sort of people could let this happen? What sort of people would do that to others, and why?

You have to wonder, sometimes, what kind of animal hides beneath the face of your next-door neighbor and stuff. People are capable of damn near anything.


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