Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Culture Vultures

I've been absent lately, trying to finish all the work I can before the strike begins. I don't want to scramble if they go on strike and try to cram our semester's work into whatever time is left.

But I've been thinking. I know, it happens a lot. I was thinking about the future. Things are going two ways:

Firstly, there's the general decrepitude of culture. The celebrity-stalking industry in North America pulls down more money per year than most of Africa does, combined. Kids are rolling up from high school, doing essays with emoticons. Putting out games about being a serial killer makes more money than California. People refuse to think critically any more- it's all reaction, reaction. Regurgitate what you're fed, don't analyzed. Doesn't matter from where, people accept what PETA tell them, or punk rockers, or whatever.

Secondly, I've noticed a few people are taking modern technology, and actually using it for something culturally valid. Some games nowadays are coming out with -dare I say it- story lines worthy of a novel. Some come with three novels of dialogue. Most of it isn't bad. I figure sooner or later, people will make the leap, and turn games and similar media from 'pop art' to 'actual, valid art, not like that post-modern crap'.

That is, providing people stop stalking Brad Pitt long enough to notice.


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