Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On Open Carry

I like any sort of carry. It's better than the alternative. I encourage people to carry in the home, around town, out in the wild. There's one thing I just don't get- urban open carry. I can understand open carry around the house. On your property, if you're out away from the burbs or the city. But what the hell do you expect the urban sheeple to do when they see you with a piece? Man, they will FLIP THEY SHIT. The Law doesn't appreciate it either, and I can understand that. You're scaring the herd, and if they're getting calls like "ZOMG MAN WIF GUNZ OMFG!" every fifty feet you walk, then of course you're opening yourself up to harassment.

And another thing...what's up with UOC? I mean...sure, it's an improvement over not carrying, but it's mostly in the city. In the city, it'll cause you a metric shit ton of problems, and since it's unloaded...yeah, limited help.

I can understand wanting to carry. But urban, unloaded open carry? You're asking for trouble.



  1. Actually, the law protects open carry - and police officers who break the law and seize open carriers without reasonable suspicion of crime afoot can and are being sued, see http://www.examiner.com/x-2782-DC-Gun-Rights-Examiner~y2009m9d9-Federal-judge-rules-police-cannot-detain-people-for-openly-carrying-guns

    As for real world of open carry in public, people rarely notice, and when they do, it helps normalize gun ownership. See more at OpenCarry.org

  2. The word and spirit of the law may protect open carry, good sir. And the Second Ammendment may protect it. However, look at examples in the news lately. The cop admitting to habitually intimidating UOC activists. The one man being held at gunpoint and his weapon checked while being interviewed.

    I suppose it depends on where you do it. Some places it won't hardly warrant a glance. Other places...well, it seems like it's just asking for trouble. I'm not saying don't do it. Just, pick your battles. For instance, Mr. AK-in-A-Park did not choose his battles well.


  3. An important part of open carry legislation is keeping you out of jail if/when you accidentally flash your concealed piece. Sometimes that just happens to any CCWer and a law that requires him to keep it concealed or risk losing his permit makes his life harder.

    However, I don't think people aggressively open carrying are winning us any friends. Also, if you OC you better practice weapon retention in a 100% serious manner unless you want to be an embarrassing statistic.

  4. I totally agree. It's bound to happen that you have an accident, and OC law should cover what CHL doesn't.

    Aggressive open carry does NOT normalize firearms ownership. In fact, it alienates people.