Monday, February 8, 2010

Healthcare 101, for the Retarded or Liberal

Let me explain something the Canadian public has learned the hard way:

Doctors go where the money is. It really IS all about the Benjamins.

It's simple. Doctors spend up to a million skrillas to get their papers. They tend to be the best and brightest, and know their worth. The government takes over healthcare, they go on the payroll, right? And what happens when the government decided to cap their salaries?

They walk.

They go back to private industry, or move someplace where they can get paid commensurate to their skills. So, what happens is the number of doctors in country drops, their quality drops, and you get fucked. Seriously, it happened here. Some stupid number of our new doctors (I want to say like 50%) turn around, and walk across the border because a hospital in St. Louis or New York will pay them two or three times what they'd make at a clinic and half again what they'd make at a hospital here. It happened here, it'll happen to you.


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