Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nuts, Bolts and Nuts

My last semester of this Goddamn program is almost done, so I'm starting to gear up to look for work in the field. So far, by and large, it's been a top-down sort of experience. Lots of focus on the field as a whole, lots of focus on things from the top.

I'm not so good at that.

I don't play well with bureaucrats. I understand the need for them, but I have an objection to being buried in red tape. I have a firm belief that no one who's been elected to a position should be involved in disaster relief. Why? It's simple. Elected officials didn't get that way by a regime of clean living and honest dealings. Who do you think is going to get the majority of the dollars, people, etc if a mayor is running an emergency response? Their voters, the districts that didn't vote for them, or the slums? Too much graft in politics.

This, of course, does not go over well with local despots.

I like the nuts and bolts of this course: looking for vulnerabilities, potential disasters. I like planning a response to a flood or whatever. I like looking at current doctrine, and saying 'what's the next evolution?'. Here's an example: lockdowns. I understand it's the most effective response to an active shooter situation RIGHT NOW, but do you honestly think that potential spree shooters aren't seeing it? Hell, there's probably a whack growing up with the lockdown drills as a part of school life this instant. Do you think that won't factor into the plans of the next Harris and Klebold? So I was ignoring a discussion about how to mooch off of Uncle Sugar and thinking about this, right? And what I came up with was that if I was the devious, evil mofucker that would shoot up a school, I'd have noticed the lockdown placards everywhere. If I was the type to go postal, I'd have noticed the same thing at some workplaces. And I would ask myself, how can I break this? How can I exploit this? And then, how can I counter that?

The world is moving on, folks. If you think that this sort of thing won't happen, you're an idiot. School shooting have been going on forever. Hell, Canada's been documenting them since 1902. There's at least one a year- and I'm not talking about bangers blowing each other away at school. I'm talking about spree shooters. One a year, at least, at a school, every year. This doesn't take into account places like army bases, office places...

Can you see where I'm going? This is just an example. Everything up here is reactive, which grates. And people just aren't security conscious up here.

Well. Enough bitchin'. Back to my resume.


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